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Removal Amsterdam

Removal Amsterdam is part of M&M Removals. When the housing market crisis hit in 2008, our agenda suddenly became quite empty. To survive the crisis, we have added evacuation in Amsterdam to our activities. And we prove to be pretty good at that. Clearing and moving is not so far apart.

The difference is that when we move we also bring the stuff to a new address. We are now welcome guests at charities and thrift stores. Who does well, meets well!

More services

Not only can you come to us for all types of removals, but you are also at the right address for all conceivable relocations. From small student removals to relocations of large companies, we don’t turn a blind eye.

Take a look at our removal website for more information https://mmverhuizingen.nl/

"De verhuizing verliep vlekkeloos en vooral rustig. Er waren genoeg verhuizers aanwezig die vriendelijk zijn en hard werken. Wij zijn zeer tevreden."
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